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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to pay to sign up?
A. No. HomeImproveMeet is free for both homeowners and contractors.

Q. I'm a contractor. How can I tell if I am listed in the HomeImproveMeet database?
A. Try to sign up. During the process we will automatically display any matches to the information you enter. If one of the matches is indeed you or your company, you'll be able to claim it.

Q. Why would I post a job?
A. As a homeowner, your primary reason for posting would be to hire someone to do the work. You might post a job that you're thinking about, simply to get feedback on what is involved. Also, you could post a job that you've started yourself and for which you need advice or help. In the Contractor Services section of the site, contractors can post jobs for which they need to hire subcontractors.

Q. How will I be contacted if I post a job?
A. In two ways. First, you may receive comments on the job you post; advice or questions from other users. Second, you may get email from contractors who have done similar work in the past and would like to help you with your job. Your email address will not be visible to anyone unless you explicitly provide it. It's up to you whether you want to respond to any of these messages.

Q. Where do the reviews and feedback come from?
A. The reviews and feedback on HomeImproveMeet come only from site users.

Q. How is HomeImproveMeet different from other home improvement websites?
A. The biggest difference is that we don't charge anyone to use our site. Some competitors make homeowners pay to see a list of contractors and feedback about them. Others charge the contractors to be listed. We think our way is better for everyone.

Q. Who do I tell about ideas or features that would make HomeImproveMeet better?
A. Tell us! We're eager to hear how people are using the site and we're constantly making changes, so you may well see your suggestion implemented. Use the Contact Us page to get in touch.

Q. I'm a contractor and I know that I'm already listed in the database. Do I need to sign up?
A. Yes. Remember, it's free, and once you sign up you will have access to the advanced features of HomeImproveMeet. You'll be able to contact homeowners who have posted jobs they need done. Also, you'll be able to improve the look of your listing by adding information about your specialties and posting photos of jobs you've done.

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